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Stuffed Green Chilies

This is my all time favorite dish. Whenever you are tired of having vegetables, surely try this dish to relish with Rice & Dal. Let’s jump straight to the recipe now. The best part is this is no water recipe 😉 


💠Big Green Chilies
💠Garam Masala
💠Red Chilli Powder
💠Sesame Seeds

Wash n slit the green chilies. Now remove the seeds with the help of a spoon n make enough space for the filling. (Make sure the chilly isn’t cut fully as the filling will come out)

🌿Filling:- Grated Coconut, Coriander, Jeera, Red Chili Powder, Turmeric, Salt, Tamarind. Make fine paste of the above filling.

Now take the green chilies and add filling inside, garnish it wid some Sesame seeds. Take a nonstick pan add some oil and let it fry for sometime. After 5mins add lid to the pan so that the chilies become soft. Open the lid and keep frying the chilly well. Also make sure the filling is intact inside. Have these fried chilies with dal rice. They add flavor to the normal meal.

Hope u guys enjoy 😍 Do let me know in the comments section about this recipe ♥️


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The Final Product 🙂

Product Reviews

Vaadi Herbals – Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal Review

If you guys read my last post about Vaadi Herbals,
I had ordered few products to try
Slowly unboxing all of them in my review 
Please stay tuned for more updates on this blog!!
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Product Name – Vaadi Herbals – Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal
Price – 38 RS. for 75gms
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal Review | Sparkle Fashionista
Active Ingredients
  • Lemongrass: Unclogs Pores. Tones, Hydrates & Conditions Skin
  • Charcoal: Detoxifies Skin, Reveals Smoother, Healthier Skin
    Key Ingredients: Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon Schoenanthus) Oil, Charcoal Powder, Walnut (Juglans Regia) Shell Powder, Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Coconut  (Coccos Nucifera) Oil Derivatives, Pure Honey (Mel Etract), DM Water (Aqua).
    Source:- Google
    The product claims :- To cleanse, detoxify & polish your skin. Anti-bacterial Lemongrass paired with activated Charcoal, draws impurities out of the skin; leaving it clean & healthy within. On the outside, the dead cells are scrubbed off; smoothing &  adding glow!
    Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal Review | Sparkle Fashionista
     My take on this Soap :- It is different one from the normal soaps. Has a strong fragrance, although after washing the face it doesn’t stay for long. My skin is a bit tricky to handle hence I faced issues with this soap. It is oily skin + acne-free + sensitive. I had small red rashes after using it on my face. Scrub part on the soap is harsh on skin so I  would say please scrub softly as it might irritate the skin. It lathers well with enough foam but do not use scrub directly on face. Take some scrub on your palm & then use it on the face as per the skin type. The green side is lemongrass oil as per the color. I will opt this soap for some scrubbing on legs & hands. Will surely not use on the face, although it adds glow to one’s face. This is solely my take on the soap & might differ from person to person. Overall one can surely try this one as it herbal & not laden with any chemicals.
    Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal Review | Sparkle Fashionista

    PROS :-

  • Affordable
  • Does not dries the skin
  • Attractive packaging
  • Pleasant fragrance like a lemon
  • Not tested on animals & 100% chemical – free
  • Herbal Soap, Paraben-free & filled with essential oil
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal Review | Sparkle Fashionista


  • Fragrance for me was totally a thumbs down as I’m allergic to certain odor & strong fragrances
  • The fragrance on the soap doesn’t remain on your face for long time (It vanishes in like 2mins)
  • Scrub part is harsh, hence make sure to test first on the hands/legs
Source – Google

You can buy Vaadi products on their website or Nykaa app. Vaadi website has discounts & you will be valid for free shipping if you buy products worth Rs. 400 .

Please let us know in the reviews section about a new product you have used. I would love to hear from you guys!! Till the take care 🙂

Product Reviews

The Face Shop – The Solution Face Mask Review

The Face Shop – South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer & retailer. While surfing, Nykaa app came across some offer for Buy 2 Get 1 Free Face Mask & I tried some masks. With this they had Buy 5 & get 5 free offer as well.  Now let’s dig into what exactly are these & how do they work on our skin.
They have some 30+ face masks which focuses on working with skin by adding some natural elements & some extracts in their face sheet masks. Will soon add reviews for other 2 masks!!

Product Name:- The Solution – Pore Care Face Mask

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.16 PM
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista

If one checks the packet carefully, will see a name “Tannin” below on the left corner. After much research, I came across what exactly is this Tannin!!

“Tannins are naturally occurring compounds that exist inside grape skins, seeds and stems. The scientific word for these compounds is polyphenols. You experience the effect of tannins any time you drink a wine that creates a drying sensation in your mouth.”
If you want to try a trick that can help you recognize a tannin when you taste it, brew a cup of extra strong black tea. Tannins naturally occur in black tea and their characteristics emerge when the tea is brewed a few minutes longer than recommended. After brewing the tea, take a sip and you’ll immediately notice a slight bitterness in the middle of your tongue and a dryness in the front of your mouth – this is a tannin.

Reason for Choosing this Mask:- I have oily skin combination with sensitive, hence it becomes bit tricky while choosing products for me. However read alot about these & thought let’s go ahead with this

Price:- Rs 150 for 1 sheet mask (1 single use)

Now talking about “The Solution Face Mask” series they focus on certain issues related to skin.

  • Pore Care Face Mask – The serum containing Tannins helps reduce shine and provides a pore care solution to oily skin
  • Smoothing Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Black Willow Bark Extract provides an exfoliating solution to rough skin
  • Hydrating Solution Face Mask – A serum containing Hyaluronic Acid helps dry, thirsty skin lock in moisture
  • Soothing Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Madecassoside provides a soothing solution to sensitive skin
  • Brightening Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Pearl powder provides a brightening solution to dull skin
  • Nourishing Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Propolis provides a nourishing solution to exhausted skin
  • Wrinkle Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Peptides provides a wrinkle care solution
  • Firming Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Collagen provides a resilience solution to saggy skin
  • Moisturizing Solution Face Mask – The serum containing Ceramides provides a moisturizing solution to dry, rough skin
  • Radiance Solution Face Mask -The serum containing Vitamin C provides a radiance solution to lackluster skin

      All the above are formulated without parabens.

The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista

Face Mask:- The mask is super-light & once you apply this sheet of weightless paper (Only 0.21 mm thin) you will feel nice cooling effect.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.17 PM(2)
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista

Procedure to use the Mask:-

  • Wash face and apply toner (Any regular toner, I usually use water)
  • Remove sheet from package and remove film on one side of sheet
  • Apply evenly and firmly to face
  • Remove sheet after 10 to 20 minutes and gently pat to promote absorption of remaining essence
  • If required massage with soft fingers on the face. Do not rub this gel on face as it might irritate the skin
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.17 PM(1)
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista

Verdict on this Face Mask:- The mask is super soft & sticky. Sticky as in the gel in it makes it a bit sticky on face (No issues after you wash it off). I have prominent blackheads & whiteheads after a normal cleanup, the large open pores are visible. This particular sheet has a pretty pleasant fragrance which made me think twice for using it. I went ahead & opened the sheet after removing the white paper off the mask. The mask has a paper on it, you need to remove it softly & then apply the mask on the face for nice 20 mins & take a nap. This mask lets the perfect hydration on face leaving it a glow + matte effect. However this doesn’t last for a long time.

P.S. – Make sure you turn the sheet upside down as the gel might remain below during transit. I faced this issue, after using the pack it was noticed the gel was remaining inside the packet. I used the remaining gel inside to massage my face softly after the mask application time was over.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.17 PM
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista


  • Super-light on face
  • Full of fragrance
  • Cools the face, leaving a nice cooling effect for sometime
  • Travel-friendly & easy to carry in any small pouch
  • Savior for last moment fix (For a undecided party to attend/ when you cannot manage parlor appointment & want something at home)
  • Affordable for one time use
  • Soothes the pores
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.17 PM(4)
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista


  • Major drawback is the sticky gel which lasts until the whole session (However the mask is dipped in serum, so I feel it will be same with other masks as well. Not really sure about it)
  • Glow does not last for a long time. Maybe for 1 to 2 days
  • Does not work much on face pores to a large extent (The pores won’t shrink)
  • This particular sheet won’t provide much hydration to dry skin (Please check the above serum elements & skin issues before buying these online)
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 7.16.17 PM(5)
The Face Shop | The Solution Face Mask | Review – Sparkle Fashionista


Have you tried any masks before?? Not used any? Go ahead to buy these super affordable ones if you miss to go to the parlor any time. Tell us in the reviews section about this review & some super  creative ideas for the blog 🙂

You can buy these online on My Nykaa app or website.

Product Reviews

Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm

I was a bit concerned with few products used in past and felt should shift to herbals. Ordered some goodies recently via Vaadi Herbals & will soon review those for you all readers 🙂
 Vaadi Herbals has been fortunate to have inherited decades of rich experience in the science of Ayurveda. It offers an entire range of personal care products to keep skin, hair and body nourished with nature’s most preserved herbs and essences. Our products have been developed keeping in mind the needs and preferences of its customers from diverse regions, and hence suitable for all hair and skin type. All our products are natural and chemical-free, and prove to be highly effective with regular and dedicated use, while keeping you close to nature. This is the direct company store from where you can get the entire range of products – 100% Genuine & Fresh. The website also mentions products are 100% organic, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified Unit, Paraben-Free, 100% No Chemicals & Not Tested On Animals.

Super Hot Summers are here so we have issues when it comes to taking care of our most sensitive lips. These should be maintained well to get the best click in each pic 😛

Product Name:- Blueberry Lip Balm Active Bio-Repair Formula

Price :- Rs. 40 for 10 gm (Vaadi Website has some cool discounts & they offer this at Rs. 36 which is again budget friendly)

Shelf Life :- 3 yrs

Ingredients :- Blueberry Extract, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter & Wheatgerm Oil


  • The fragrance is mild just like a blueberry ice-cream
  • It helps in soothing the lips & making them super soft
  • It is a thick balm and if applied as a base before using the lipstick this will surely work as a perfect lip primer
  • Works well for hours (I can assure the whole day but after 4 to 5 hrs it loses the shine, still helps in making the lips soft & pink)
  • The tub is leak proof & sturdy . This can be used while traveling as well
  • Works wonder on chapped lips (as per my personal experience)


  • Somehow I felt Vaadi should work on the tub & make it to balm tube . This can make it more hygienic as you need to dip your finger to apply on the lips (Tip- One can use a ear bud or brush to make it more clean)

This is solely a review on basis of the use & time. I’ve been using it since a week & I’m happy applying these in summers.

Stay tuned for more updates & subscribe us, else bookmark our website please.

You can shop some super awesome Vaadi Products online via their website & Nykaa App has these too. I got mine from their website. & they have 10% discounts + shipping free if you purchase products worth Rs 400.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-01 at 9.56.28 PM
Purple Love 🙂



Plasticky !!

Sharing the first set of simplest DIY’s to be tried at home. I’m in love with diy’s since beginning as they turn out magically awesome with super simple tricks and yes the satisfaction goes at it’s peak as its handmade, especially the paper and plastic diy’s 😍 These are easily available at home 🙂

  1. Decorative Plastic

Materials to be used:-

  • Old used Plastic Bottle
  • Cutter
  • Hot Iron Base
  • Colorful or simple threads
  • Satin Ribbons
  • Glitter Pens
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Incense Stick


So we start off with cutting the bottle’s last part to get a flowery shape. Now use a hot iron (not very hot) to just smoothen the edges for a fine flower shape. Use different soda coloured bottles like blue , white and green. Now paint the bottles with some acrylic paints +glitter pens (if you have a kid, this is super awesome way to make them love painting shapes). With a help of a burning incense stick make small holes to attach the threads/satin ribbons to the plastic ends.

  • This can be used to hang on big Christmas trees or any other tree in the garden
  • Use it as a hanging toy for your kids in the living room or their bedroom
  • Accordingly you can make 2 holes on single bottle end and make colorful wall hanging
  • It can be used to make a beautiful photo frame. E.g Cut small plastic end (Flower-like base) & make a flower design by placing 3 to 5 together & then paint them according to the theme and get it framed
  1. Beautiful wind-chimes – Same as the above here you can use the upper half of the bottle for the get desired shapes for wind chimes(long/short)
  • For wind chimes same procedure can be followed with different theme. For eg. Tribal, Floral or Warli Print coloring can be done, here the end shouldn’t be too flat. Instead cut the top portions or the bottle in half
  • Use the upper portion and color them along with the lids
  • Now  make a small hole so as to let a thread pass through the bottle
  • Paint different sized cut bottles and use the thread accordingly (long/short) depending upon the length of the wind-chime
  • You can also color the simple thread & add glitter effect by the glitter pens as per requirement
  • This can be hung with the help of a old CD. Color the CD with the same theme so that it camouflages the mirror part. Stick all the strings with fevicol or make holes & make knots on the top of the CD
  • Small Tip – Instead of coloring the bottle you can use colorful patterned Washi tapes available in the market
  1. Snacky Plastic -Now store your share of favvy snack away from your siblings with this simple DIY. Use the lower base of the bottle. Decorate it with beads/mirrors/acrylic paints/threads/strong rope to stick to the bottle. Stick them & color the rope with some paints. Now you can use it to keep some sweets or snacks & hide it near your own shelf in the bedroom.

  2. Cereal Stock storage – We use plastic bags which is a total no from my end. However instead of throwing them use it in a better way. To make them air tight like the containers, use the bottle lid and the remaining half just a bit below the lid . Tuck in the plastic store the cereal & cover that with the lid. Tadaa this makes it air-tight. Super-quick and best.

  3. Stationery Stand – If you are a kind-of crafty, make sure this is kept on your desk. Super quick and gathers all attention on the board ♠ Cut the bottle in half & use it directly by using hot iron to make the surface smooth. Add some Washi tapes & stick them to make shapes on the bottle. You can color the bottles as well & decorate them with beads or sequins for your baby girl 🙂

Image Courtesy – Google

Product Reviews


Heylo Peeps, hope you all doing well. Excited to share a new brand with you all today. It’s all about “Alanna”.

I have been following this brand since last few months. It was fun participating in their Earth Day Contest through their Insta Stories. Secondly, they chose few bloggers for a review marathon and I was glad to be a part of this group. They sent their 2 best seller products. Would review the first product here today which was Golden Glow Face Pack. 

Before the review, let’s know something more about Alanna. 

Alanna – “Naturally Beautiful” 

This Mumbai based brand was started in 2015 by owner Rashi Bahel Mehra.

Owner – Rashi Bahel Mehra
Owner – Rashi Bahel Mehra with Television Actress Achint Kaur

Handcrafted with Love

Our story starts with a love for experimenting and creating beautiful recipes with exquisite ingredients from Mother Nature that are designed to give your skin a lot of love and nourishment. The hidden chest of Nature is full of varied treasures that have answers to all the skin problems that we face today. We wanted to share our little findings with you with a hope to spread some joy. 

While we have many brands today who give us a promise of purity they seldom hold to their promise and if they do, most of the times they are valued too high.

Sourced from accredited organic vendors around the world, they’re handcrafted to create a complete sensory experience (Source Alanna Website) 

Why choose Alanna😍

🌸 Handmade

🌸 💯 Natural

🌸 Cruelty-Free

🌸 Paraben-Free

🌸 Sulphates-Free

🌸 No Artificial Colors

🌸 No Artificial Fragrances 

🌸 PETA approved (yesterday’s update) They infact purchase products from suppliers who don’t test on animals. Isn’t this a fab news?

🌸 Made in INDIA 🇮🇳

Golden Glow Face Pack Ingredients

🌻 Aloe Vera

🌻 Vetiver

🌻 Turmeric Powder

🌻 Honey

🌻 Avocado Oil

Golden Glow Face Pack – Sparkle Fashionista

 Price and Quantity
INR 500 for 50gms

Shelf Life – 1Yr from the Date Manufactured

After reading the ingredients I’m sure many might come across new ingredients. Let’s dig in more to know how does they help us. For those who are unaware about Vetiver let me tell you all it is known as “Khus”, “Khus-Khus” and is known for its grounding and calming effects used mostly in perfumes. It’s best to fade the dark spots or scars and for a even skin adding softness. Vetiver oil is used widely for aromatherapy.
Second product which we only consume as a fruit and are unaware about its benefits are Avocado Oil. Avocado is the best in treating of blackheads and acne. They result in smooth skin texture. 

Hope this helps my readers to decide whether this product suits specific skin. 

 Products Claims

An ideal formulation of Turmeric powder, Aloe Vera and Avocado oils is specially designed to soothe dry skin and acts as a skin care agent. Turmeric provides a great brightening effect on the skin and maintains the skin elasticity along with keeping a check on the release of oil levels in the skin. Avocado too reduces the appearance of age spots while restoring the natural skin glow in a completely wholesome manner.


The mask is Turmeric yellow gel like in nature. 


Apply a thin layer on a clean and dry face, leave it on for 20 min and rinse nicely. Use at-least twice a week for great results.


💓 One can apply directly without using water

💓 Gel is super smooth in texture

💓 Works perfect on the brightening part

💓 Turmeric plays important role for skin glow

💓 Can be directly applied with a face pack brush

💓 Gives you a baby soft skin (Used it twice)

💓 Thumbs up as it’s the best for my tricky skin type (oily +sensitive) and guess what it suits dry skinned people too as my fellow bloggers loved it too

💓 Does not breakout the skin

💓 Can be used for tan removal, but the application quantity should be regular for effective results

💓 Unsure about age spots as I haven’t faced any of those yet

💓 For best results use thrice a week if working on dark spots else twice a week would do great too.

Golden Glow Face Pack – Sparkle Fashionista


💔 If you guys follow me regularly, might be knowing the fact I’m bit allergic to strong fragrances. The product is undoubtedly fabulous, but has a overpowering fragrance which is a total turn down for me. I feel it’s Vetiver which is so strong. Although it has many benefits but it’s too strong for my sensitive nose. I’m sure this is just my lookout for the particular product, many might love the fragrance. It is not a weird one, a nice blend of fragrance which isn’t for me.

💔 Didn’t wanted to fill pros with cons and mix my words hence mentioning something here. After using the product on face, I could not wait for too long and in less then a minute washed my face but the fragrance wasn’t going off (which is a very good thing for other’s as many packs fragrance disappear after washing it off). Unlike this, I finally applied some essential oil on my face and slept. This was ultimately tried on my tanned feets and guess what it was fabulous on removing tan

💔 Available Online (I feel they might have some stores in Mumbai or their Flea Market in the city)

💔 The product will expire in like 3 months, this was sent for review so that was unacceptable.

💔 Pricey for the quantity given

💔 Jar / Tub are unhygienic. This particular product can be shifted to a small squeeze bottle as it’s gel like in texture.

PR Samples

P. S. I would soon add a review on the hamper I won for Father’s Day contest. Shall share it after dad reviews the products 😍😍 Overall Alanna has some amazing range of skincare and haircare products ☺️☺️ Do check their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram page for some amazing products. 

P. S. They were PR samples but reviews are honest ✌️☺️

Essential Oils

​Blend It Raw Apothecary – Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tired of those pesky monsters appearing on your special day or ruining your face.  Have you been using Colgate toothpaste to treat them and make it more worse? Please stop doing that now. 

Each skin is different and so does the pimple on it, let’s stop listening to everyone and use things handy to treat it. Please consider the after effects can be worse resulting in a lifetime acne scar on the face 😑😑

So one fine day, got a pimple exactly above my lips. If you all follow me regularly on Instagram might be knowing how much I love @blenditrawbeauty products 😍😍 They are totally worth using. I’ve been using their essential oils almost regularly. One of favvy and savior  is Tea Tree. 💕

Procedure – Before sleeping take a drop of oil on the index finger and apply on the area where pimple bump occurred. No need to rub it just apply on the affected area. You might feel a tingling sensation after application but not to worry. Next morning the pimple was this as shown in the pic and it helped in curing. It was left with just small red spot which vanished the other day. Tea Tree on whole face isn’t recommended as it is strong in curing dry scalp, fungus on toes, acne, wounds and many more 😍😍

Will soon share a perfectly easy tip of using Tea Tree for face.

P.s. If you are using essential oils for the first time pls do a patch test. Attaching a patch test image driven from Google

Purchase this multiple purpose bottle from @blenditrawbeauty at INR 245 for 10ML. The bottle is handy and travel friendly too. 

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Have a great Sunday 😍😍

Product Reviews

Mitti Se – Pure . Natural . Effective Lavender Air Freshner

Mitti Se – Pure . Natural . Effective

Lavender Air Freshner


Have you heard or read about essential oils? If not let me tell you a something interesting. Essential oils plays a vital role in taking care of the face & hair both. 
Not to forget, they relax our stress & help in body aches too. I will surely need a new post to be written on the same for explaining the importance of essential oils 😊😊

I keep coming across brands which work on environment maintenance in their smallest way & off-course in creating a chemical-free line of products. It’s been a while I’m following a brand named “MITTISE” , the name itself makes you feel grounded to the land or products sourced locally 🍀🌱🌳🌴

Something about the brand –

Mitti Se makes safe Earth-friendly, handcrafted products with minimal processing to preserve the purity of ingredients.

They have retail stores at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dharamshala, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai and Raipur. 

Online options – Amazon, Natural Mantra, Shop Healthy, Greenobazaar, GreenNGood and Big Basket. 

💕 Product Claims –

Soothing, Refreshing, Relaxing. Neutralizes bad odors. The website states spray bottle that gives a fine mist which diffuses evenly and lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

💞 Ingredients – Essential Oil of Lavender, Aqueous Base and Natural Emulsifier

Price INR 250 for 100 ML

💙 PROS 💙

🍁 The Packaging is sturdy & leak-proof
🍁 It is a travel-friendly spray
🍁 Amazing aroma & mild one
🍁 No hint of strong chemicals can be sensed after using this
🍁 Translucent bottle gives a clear picture of how much freshner is left
🍁 Sensitive nose people can surely opt this freshner

💔 CONS 💔

😑 They spray stays for just 20 to 30mins (I feel this is because it has no preservatives & all natural ingredients) One can surely spray it back. 

😑Found online (not really a con for all) 

MITTISE is also free from abrasive chemicals, earth-friendly, handcrafted, cruelty-free and the most important super affordable and effective 😍😍 

I had faced issue wherein my order wasn’t reaching me but going on a different route, but this team made it a point that I recieve my order all perfect. Amazing customer service and active on Instagram and Whatsapp 💕💕

Have you ordered any product from this brand? If not just order soon via Instagram

Happy Sunday 😍💕

Food Blog

Food United – Salunkhe Vihar, Pune

Since I started blogging I’ve been thinking of different concepts & standing out unique in this blogging world. Well let me tell you all, blogging isn’t that easy
It requires utmost determination & research. According to me, you should also be aware of the latest trends every year, week & month. Only two lines about blogging would
be injustice so you won’t ever understand the depth of any field until you start experiencing it yourself 🙋🙌

I belong to Pune, a city which I’ve always loved to be associated with. It’s been a year I’m married & now belong to the beautiful coasts in Konkan, Sindhudurg 🏝️🏙️🏖️🌤️🌧️
Being close to all serene beaches in Konkan, Pune will always be on my top favorite lists of city. Few things which separate these places are beaches, serene environment, less pollution & the famous non-stop rains. Till the time I’m in Pune for a vacation, wanted to explore things around me. So why not food blog? 😉 Being a foodie, I was always curious to know things included in a particular dish & I kept the guess game on with mom in some healthy debates & talks. This happened each time we went out for a lunch or a family dinner 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Recently went to a Fast food place located in Salunkhe Vihar area named “Food United”. Their Tagline – Kill Hunger with Great Taste. They have 2 more
locations in Pune at NIBM & Seasons Mall, Magarpatta. It is located in Haryana & Mumbai too. It is basically a chain-based business with 7 active locations.

After a bit of research found something interesting about this brand on their main website.

The Story Behind Food United

Food United, as the name suggests, brings cuisines and dishes from world-over under one roof. The name has two parts – Food and United.

The food is represented using fundamental food elements like the fork, spoon and knife.

To showcase united we went a step ahead and created a flag with these very culinary elements.

Moreover, like all countries have their own insignia, it was apt to characterize this global place by one of it’s own.

This gave birth to the idea of a postage stamp, an official representation of Food United.

Just as a postage stamp legitimizes it’s content, the visual of a postage stamp as the logo is a mark of good quality universal food,

one that Food United promises to serve. Also, a stamp when used on mails bridges the gap between places in the world.

By bringing various global cuisines under one roof, Food United aims to do the same.

Hence it was a very apt choice to communicate the message of unity of food.

When these parts of Food United are bought together, we arrive at our final, one-of-it’s-kind logo that celebrates food and unity under one place.

 The design approach were not only applied to the idea and form but also extended to the application of colors as well, namely red and blue.

Red is known to stimulate the appetite and hence an appropriate choice for an eatery.

Blue is invigorating and energetic, and attracts the attention of a large section of our target audience.

When combined, it gives us an international, bold and modern look, one that is perfect keeping the values and target audience of Food United in mind.

Address – Shop 5, Seashell Apartment, Opposite BSNL Telephone Exchange, Salunkhe Vihar Road, Pune.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.04 PM(2)

Features – 

📝Outdoor Seating
📝Smoking Zone
📝Home Delivery

Things Ordered

💞Mex Chilli Paneer Pizza (Roasted paneer, onions and capsicum) – INR 149
💞Classic Iced Tea – 200 ml  INR 39 & 350 ml INR 59 & same price for a 💞Cold Coffee too. Our total sums up to something under NR 300 which is pretty good one.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.04 PM(1)

Ambience – Beautiful & spacious with amazing concept of greenery 🌳🌲. The pots kept at the entrance soothe the stress level. When you enter the food joint, the order counter is again a nice with lovely ceiling which goes well with their theme of blue & red. This was a special visit as it was with one of my BFF. We always keep exploring places in our area & this one was a special one too. We first spoke for a while, admired the ambience & ordered food.

As per the place & the crowd, we both had a gut feeling that they might have great burgers, although we thought of ordering something different. It was a Thursday, electricity issues in Pune so we decided to sit outside & enjoy the food. Now we started talking to each other, it was like 20mins we did not receive our order yet. Meanwhile, there was a guy who was watering plants around us. Now what he actually did annoyed us. While watering the plants, he took the water pipe close-by our legs & making the floor wet which ultimately splashed water on our feet. My friend told the guy about this situation, but he remained numb. (He was the one who took care of the plants, we did not expect a sorry from him though, either did we expect sitting with wet feet)

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.04 PM

Now comes the real story, it was almost 45mins we had not received a single order. There was a staff person who was outside playing with the water pipe & with the person watering plants. We asked me about our order, he gave a reply instantly “Aa Jayega Ma’am without going inside & confirming” (Translation – You will receive it ma’am). We were again waiting & in like few minutes received the order. So we received the order in 45mins, which was too much we personally felt 😬😑

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.03 PM(1)

Now something about me, I was undergoing a dental treatment, hence this was the first time having outside junk so my expectations were pretty high about this one. The Pizza came in & we both had our first bites. To our surprise, it was a crispy base. After chewing it for another second, I found something fishy, now that was a biscuit like taste. After I tossed, to check the pizza it had a biscuit-like base (somewhat like a nutricracker, maybe they wanted to make it more healthy I feel, no idea nor did I enquired with the staff). I personally did not like the feeling of having a pizza anymore 😴. In simple words, if I had to explain it tasted like a Monaco with some Sauce , Paneer & Grated Cheese.
Let’s come to our drinks . Classic Iced Tea – I did not see my friend happy with it , as she usually praises stuff (she’s a foodie like me :p). My cold coffee did not taste great too, felt there were many ice cubes mixed with it & less coffee. The order we received had no tissues, while calling the same guy for it we noticed tissues were given to others. Now this is something quite common thing to be given while an order is been placed.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.04 PM(3)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.03 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.03 PM(3)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.42.03 PM(2)

This sums up my review about this food joint, however I feel they have great options in burger as per the crowd demand. I would never try their other stuff after this experience. Although the counter staff was decent & polite at the branch. This was not a collaboration with this branch, so it was my personal experience. I’m quite sure the other branches would have great service.

P.S. The photos clicked above have no special effects. I have tried keeping it all simple 💞

Rating :-  3 / 5

Have you guys tried any of these joints?? Comment in the below section, would be waiting for the responses. Have a Good Day !!

Product Reviews

Ecoberry 🌿 

Hello Guys!! Hope you all are doing fine & enjoying the weekend.
I’ve come back with amazing review about a special brand named “ECOBERRY” based in Bangalore
Will surely reveal the reason of being special in the end of this review so keep reading till the end.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-14 at 3.42.05 PM
Ecoberry Goodies | Sparkle Fashionista

I came across this brand & checked their website, now what made me purchase from them was something named Shikakai Shampoo Bar.
You all might think what is so different about it. I’ve been listening about the famous Shikakai Soap used for hair by grandma & MIL. It was a famous product
back then. To my surprise, the product was out of stock on Ecoberry!! I was curious to try something different & then the team introduced me with a
different soap bar named “ONION FENUGREEK SHAMPOO BAR”. I’ve been a reader since beginning (no books please) but yes to the online sites & references. Now I already knew
the fact that Fenugreek is best to cure dandruff & onions act amazing for hair growth this made me purchase the amazing soap bar. Two advantages in a single soap,
now that’s a beautiful deal said the curious shopper in me 😉. Being a blogger, I was curious to know about their products and inquired if they can send me
sample products. The team said yes & I received the much awaited goodie bag.

Ecoberry | Sparkle Fashionista

Well packed in just a box & the soap bars were all secure in a tight plastic sheet kept on a soft sponge with a small tube of happiness (lip balm ❤️). The packaging was Eco-friendly.

Ecoberry | Sparkle Fashionista

ALL-NATURAL PEPPERMINT LIP BALM (no idea as it was a sample product)

Let’s see how the products worked for me.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ingredients –  Contains saponifed oils of Coconut, Soyabean, Rice bran, Palm & Castor. Essential fragrance oil too. Also contains natural ingredients like Onion Juice, Fenugreek, Sesame, Mustard Oil, Eucalyptus, Basil, Lemongrass (Essential Oil)

Shampoo Bar has ingredients which works on dandruff, itchy scalp & hair fall (to an extent). It contains all natural ingredients which makes it more beneficial for
the hair. However, I feel after washing with it makes my hair feel a bit dry & rough (maybe that’s because the ingredients are all natural) but it works best after
using the conditioner. Totally a must have product. No one can ever regret switching to natural methods & leaving those chemical-based shampoo behind.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ingredients –  Contains saponifed oils of Coconut, Soyabean, Rice bran, Palm & Castor. Essential fragrance oil too. Also contains natural ingredients like
Arappu (Natural Conditioning Agent)

Again this soap has all natural ingredients, no hint of chemical can be sensed in this too. It lathers quite well on hair.

Usage– Both the soaps can be directly used on wet hair. They have a different aroma altogether which one has never come across (I personally love it). I usually wet my hair & after few secs lather the shampoo bar on hand & then gently on hair. This helps me use the soap well. After using it on my hair for about 2 mins, I let it settle for some more mins & rinse it with water. Always make sure hot water can harm the hair strands so lukewarm would surely benefit you all. After this procedure, repeat the same with Arappu bar. Do not rub the soap on hair, this might leave the soap extracts on hair (although I haven’t done anything as such, but it could harm your hair if unwashed roughly) . Also note – If you are using natural ingredient product for the first time, it won’t benefit you in first use itself. Same goes with the soap, you will discover hair fall during this process but trust me it decreases as per the washes.


💞Manageable shampoo & conditioning bars as it works on frizz too
💞Fenugreek is the best ingredient used which works on dandruff & itchy scalp
💞My oily scalp was easily manageable with both soaps
💞Onion works for hair growth & I could see changes , a significant decrease in hairfall
💞The fragrance can be handled by sensitive nose too
💞Eco-friendly packaging
💞Manages tangled hair too
💞Both the soap bars were amazing look-wise

💞You can literally feel the soft granules in onion soap (could be Rice Bran) & the softness of Arappu in the conditioning bar

💞The results on hair is amazing overall making it smooth & dandruff-free & no more itchy scalp.

Onion – Fenugreek Shampoo Bar



📝I feel it makes the hair dry if not used the conditioning soap
📝Available online only (well that cannot be a con as such), they might be local in the required cities
📝After each use, the soap bar has to be dried else it might get wasted as it easily dissolves in water (not that quick but I could see the natural color & small
particles coming off after each wash if kept on the wet floor) so need to be careful. After the soaps are used make sure they are dried. (This is been notified
on their soap list too)
📝No significant fragrance of the soaps was left on my hair after the wash, in fact I just felt a bit natural. This cannot be a major con but I usually love the fragrance that lingers after the hair wash.
❤️❤️All these cannot be cons for others as this is my personal view❤️❤️

Arappu Conditioning Hair Wash

P.S. For better results do not switch to chemical-based shampoos, using natural products would be tiresome at times. But trust me the results are outstanding as it takes time to work.

Please check the below amazing results after application on the soap bars. This is my 1st time application of both soap bars.l

Last but not the least my favorite tub of happiness was the green lip balm from the goodies . Lovely green color which was so appealing 💚

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-14 at 3.53.58 PM
Green Lip Balm | Sparkle Fashionista

Product has all ingredients which will help your chapped lips in turning them normal pink 💞


💋 Works on chapped lips

💋 Makes them super soft

💋 I like the bubble gum like fragrance (The team informed me it’s Peppermint Oil)

💋 Very lightly tinted (Personal opinion)

💋 Makes the lips pink

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-15 at 12.44.01 AM
Green Lip Balm | Sparkle Fashionista


🙈 I feel the tub is quite unhygienic, would prefer a tube. However, it’s the best because summers can melt the balm placed on tube but using tub makes it secure too. (Not really a con)

🙈 Only if you are consistent in applying it, the lips will remain healthy

🙈 Remains for only 2 to 3 hrs (But guess what you can re-apply this one as it has no hint of chemicals, artificial fragrances or preservatives in it)

♥️Let’s break the silence now. Well the mastermind in making this brand is a dentist  & two engineers. So you can totally rely in terms of safety. Also they have no abrasive chemicals used, nor do they test on animals. Since they belong to scientific backgrounds, it makes them easier to understand science & nature well, with off-course a detailed research. Excited to try their few more products in future♥️

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-13 at 2.32.01 PM
Ecoberry | Sparkle Fashionista

Have you guys tried any from their range?? Comment in the section. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook . Don’t forget to subscribe us by clicking the follow button 🙂

Have  Happy Day 🙂


MatrikaS – The Creative Woman’s Journal

MatrikaS Paper Products

This is my recent favorite. Recent as in I fell in ❤️ with this one just few hrs ago. It’s the best diary I’ve ever seen. Thnku @matrikas_stationery for this beautiful planned series for the bloggers 😍😍💃 I CHOOSE TO DREAM ALWAYS 💃

MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal

Best thought over each concept inside. Waiting to pen down on this beauty 🌸 The thing which attracted me first after opening it was the firm cover. I mean I’ve seen diaries whose covers are easily torn off quickly. This is quite sturdy. If you want to wish ur loved one a surprise then plan this unique diary. I will soon review the uniqueness of this product to u all. Till then enjoy the pics ❤️

Contains all this in it ❤️

 Did u buy urs? Temme what did you choose in the comments section

Adding colors to my life 🌸

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Product Reviews

Himalaya Herbals – Purifying Neem Pack For Normal to Oily Skin

Hope you all are enjoying Friday!! It was a tiring week for me 😉  Finally thought of writing something which me and my sister used for pimples. We all face those awkward zit days each month during some or the other phase. How do you combat such issues?? I have tried something handy & wanted to share my take on it with my viewers.

Product Claims – A purifying pack that helps to regulate excess oil secretion, clean clogged pores & prevents the recurrence of
pimples. Neem, well-known for its purifying and anti-bacterial properties, helps in controlling acne & pimples & their recurrence.
Combined with Turmeric, it helps in control acne-causing bacteria. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) cools & soothes the skin, improving
skin texture & leaving you with clear, problem-free skin.

Key Ingredients

🌿Azadirachta indica (Neem, Nimba)
🌿Panka (Fuller’s earth, Multani Mitti)
🌿Curcuma longa (Turmeric, Haridra)

(Full ingredients list not mentioned)


Sodium Methyl Paraben IP, Sodium PropylParaben IP, Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydantoin

It is priced at INR 70 for 50GM

The Packaging & Consistency –

The package is quite sturdy & leakage-proof & can be used while traveling. This is a thick green liquid pack. Easily applicable as no need to use water

Usage Tips –

❄️ Wash your face well with plain water, use a towel to pat dry
❄️Now apply on affected areas (Pimples or blemishes)
❄️Else apply on the whole face
❄️Keep this for 20 mins & now softly scrub in circular motion (the granules are not at all harsh) finally wash with  plain water.
❄️One alternate way can also be applying on affected area in night this helps to soothe the irritation

❤️ Pros

🌻Fades the blemishes – Multani mitti in this lightens the skin & blemishes
🌻Controls acne which might occur  in future- Neem works in this case we all know that by now
🌻Soft on skin – The granules are superb for a scrub too
🌻Lessens Skin Irritation & Red Rashes if any due to pimples
🌻It helps in shrinking the big skin pores
🌻Adds instant glow to skin with smoothness
🌻Helps in reducing the oil on face

💔 Cons

🌶️At first the tingling effect made me feel awkward but, ultimately soothes the skin. This might bother few of them
🌶️Dry skin people should apply a light moisturizer after using this
🌶️The squeezy bottle after few applications doesn’t work , I find it hard to squeeze
🌶️As mentioned above, they have not mentioned full list hence I can sense they use Parabens in it.

Note :- If you have super oily skin & severe acne issues please consult a dermatologist. Do not blindly use this, also would recommend to try on a small pimple
for normal issues. This can be a savior for last moment acne for skin irritation due to acne, but takes time in healing.

Have you guys tried this one? If yes please share your view in the comment section !!
Happy Friday to all  🌧️


Blogger Mania 

Hello peeps. Hope you all are doing fine. I’m sure we all face time management issues when it comes to work , personal life & our passion. I feel an urge to share some methodologies aand techniques to follow your passion. I faced hard time while shifting from normal routine job to start a blog. I made up my mind of writing and explaining products & experimenting new stuff and spreading awareness but before this I had no knowledge about blogging. I did waste some time & finally started well!!

Let’s jolt down few important points to become pro in such cases :-

❤️ Planning the topic & content – Be clear to plan a certain topic for your blog post. Don’t switch the topics always, as this might make me confuse & distract you from ideas regarding a particular topic. For e.g. If you plan to write something about a specific brand, don’t switch to a different brand & start comparing both. Remember every individual handmade product requires lots of patience, research & skilled team who works efficiently in raising the product & setting a limit to certain issues like acne or sun tan. After the topic/product/service is planned please research about the specific brand. Get to know the ingredients listed on the tube or jar, if anything is unknown you can always Google it, that really helps you in understanding the importance of a certain base ingredient. Remember half knowledge is always dangerous hence always keep brief a information handy to explain.

❤️ Written Content – Everytime you plan head towards the write-up part. If you are a mom or a part time blogger use laptop or let’s say the Smartphone note section/wordpad this helps you to note down the content well & even if you leave in between you will get a link to what is going in your mind. Avoid written notes for such work as it might increase your work & offcourse paper wastage 😦 Keep paper safe for all topics & to-do lists. P.s. I usually use notepad on laptop or desktop for the inside content & my Smartphone for the topics. When I’m travelling & have issues in battery consumption of phone I note down my topics pending on a sheet of paper

❤️ Work Management – If you are at work let’s say from 10am to 6pm dedicate some time for you blog/insta profile/Facebook page during lunch. This will keep you on track with the audience involved on your social media sites. You will always have an idea of who liked/followed/commented. If it’s a mom blogger or a housewife please get minimum 1hr time for the above things mentioned

❤️ Motivation & Comparison – We all know every indivdual thinks different, so please stop comparing yourselves with your co-bloggers. Each one is special & has a different in potraying things to their set of audience. Not to forget everyone started from a Zero to a certain followers/likes/comments. Don’t get disheartened by any such concerns. Always remember each one of us have started at a certain phase or time. Like I’m a newbie, there are many followers who have crossed 1k followers or has active audience on Facebook/Blog. Keep up the good work & always strive to work hard. Stand still, face all odds & conquer 😊

❤️ Funny/Interesting Facts or Situations – If you want to connect more closely with your audience start sharing some funny incidents or posts happening around. Any interesting fact you come across please spread awareness, never keep it for yourself. We are here to spread our set of knowledge so always be ready for positive & constructive approach (Never assume negative, the comment or review should always be taken positively or a in a constructive way. This helps you grow & let’s you keep you calm.

❤️ Constructive Feedback for Product or a blogger – If you buy a certain product and get allergic never mention that directly, there might be certain aspects to the same.For e.g. when was the application, If it was mentioned apply 15 mins prior you step out of the house & we tend to apply it during travel, we try something during
the peak phase i.e. the 5 days menstrual cycle this can make you feel allergic to a certain ingredient present inside & can irritate you skin (offcourse each lady has different issues during these days so I would say better let’s not experiment new things during this time). Also if the time limit for a certain mask is just 1min & we feel it’s too less & apply it for some more time. This can again harm our skin with red rashes. We are at last humans & make mistakes hence let’s be more careful & help the brand in a better way by giving constructive review. Now let’s talk about the blogger part, when we come across a certain post by a blogger where he/she isn’t
aware about a particular thing or promoting something different do not post a negative comment as this might go against the blogger & it will ultimately hamper the audience linked with the blog/insta handle/facebook page. Let’s email the issue to our fellow blogger or DM if you are in contact with him/her directly instead of
posting it on social media sites as this might discourage the blogger directly & we don’t want that to happen

❤️ Editing & Copyrighting – We tend to publish raw photos clicked by the phone on our blogs. Please wait, download some picture editing apps & edit the pics with some taglines, smileys and borders with a copyright of your blog logo or brand name. This helps you keep the authencicity of the pictures & they can be shared with offcourse your logo used so that is a plus time when a person can directly check your blog & follow the posts.

❤️ Comments & Likes – Respond the likes & comments, this makes the audience understand there is a response & we can follow this site for latest updates. For e.g. If you visit a fabric store & ask certain specifications to the sales guy but he does not respond the way you want to, you will never visit the store even if they have variety or offers. So you are the first face to your Blog/Insta handle/Facebook Page never disappoint the audience, awlays keep your calm & responding.

❤️ Start & End – Start you topic in a such a way that the reader instantly feels the content is amazing like linking a certain situation or case with it. For e.g. I’ve been using many products but never got such amazing results after using this for my hair. Note :- Such statements makes the reader urge to read the content &
ultimately comment on the blog post. The end should always be welcoming like stay tuned for some more amazing products knowledge & discounts. This will also help you
in gaining a lifetime follower

❤️ Collaborations & Sample Product – Always enquire with specific brands if they are open for collab (paid/unpaid). Don’t just blindly buy the products on their site like a random buyer. Always ask if they also deliver sample prodcuts for the same. There are many brands who send certain sample products after buying products in
a particular criteria. Some brands only send samples to who have followers above 1k, but also offer amazing discounts to bloggers. Remember do not get disheartened if you have less followers/like there is always a positive side each day. Start working hard in gaining more followers

❤️ Keywords Filters – For social media, keywords are important they usually show up in the search results hence, first categorize your blog post e.g. Product review /skincare & add some tags so that the certain post comes up in search result after the keyword search.

❤️ Public Profile and Boost posts – If you need followers make sure your profile is set to Public on Instagram. Use common hashtags and get more followers. Start boosting particular posts on Facebook if required, it is off-course paid.

❤️ Home-made Diy’s – Start sharing your home-made diy’s for face, skin or hair. Give detailed explanation as to who will it suit & how effective it would be for a certain issue. This helps the audience try something readily available at home quickly.

❤️ Suggestions –  Keep asking for suggestions & be open for any type of suggestion & work on it accordingly.

Stay tuned for such update. Please subscribe my blog, follow my Insta profile & like my Facebook page too. Links are provided in the contact us page. Please spread the word & share this if
possible. This simple tricks might help a newbie blogger.

Hope this post helps the bloggers to work with ease in some way or the other. Although, I’m not a pro in blog posts but thought of writing something productive for
my fellow bloggers. Happy Blogging to all 😍 Lots of Love ❤️❤️

Product Reviews


I basically love the simplicity of  BON ORGANIC PRODUCTS. They have everything right from soaps to laundry needs (Just everything organic in place) . They are 100%organic, vegan and hand made. Lovely packaging & supports strongly the clean environment criteria so totally a plus point! Their tag line says Remain Young !! Sharing a multi-purpose product which supports my hair so well. Tired of the water change issues after marriage from Pune to Konkan (Soft water v.s Hard water) which resulted in heavy hairfall & dandruff issues.
Bon Organics (Bon for Everyone)  is a brand inspired by nature which promotes everything natural & perfect. BON team is dedicated to serve for a healthy humanity and is taking little steps to save the environment by aiming stop soil and water pollution.
They believe that women in India are no less valuable than any other individual and should be able to freely go out of their houses (or better said out of their kitchens) and enjoy themselves! What they provide at BON is unique. Designed the workshop and built-up facilities in such a way that the women can freely sing, dance, laugh, play sports and enjoy themselves without having to stress or be worried about the difficulties at home; the ‘belief’ becomes possible.



Bonorganic is Empowering Women brand located in Auroville, India|Certified Organic|💯% Handmade|Cruelty Free|Chemical Free|Authentic Skincare|Free Worldwide Shipping

Shampoo Ingredients :-
Safe surfocants invigorated with Organic herbals, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic essential oils of Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Occimum & natural conditioner. Contains No Harsh Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Animal Products or Sulphates. (It makes me a bit curious to know more about the safe surfocants used in the shampoo as the bottle states shelf life is 2yrs & I wonder how does it justify as this is purely a no preservative shampoo, maybe some magical formula is been used using the safe surfocants. This is just the curious mind inside me :p Although you can totally rely on these products as they are USDA organic certified)
Quantity available with Price :- 100gm for INR 126 & 200gm for INR 246
Product Claim :- Containing active plant extracts and beautiful essential oils such as that of Tea Tree & Ocimum, this is great and gently on the scalp without stripping the natural oils of the hair & scalp. This nourishing and effective cleanser is also a great hair therapy.
My Take on this product :-
For the ones who are unaware of Ocimum it is nothing but Tulsi or Holy Basil. It stimulates hair follicles, increases scalp circulation and promotes hair growth. The magnesium in basil helps protect hair from breakage, and its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the roots. This Herbal Shampoo has a divine fragrance, nothing too catchy but a subtle aroma lingers for almost 2 days on your hair leaving them tangle-free. It is absolutely . This shampoo casts the summer spell!! Totally a must-have for each one of us. This was actually bought for my husband as website says Men Shampoo in the categories. Although I personally can use this as it has no chemicals so you can wash your hair guilt-free 😛
Why to shop from Bon Organics

💝 They have free shipping all over India
💝 They strictly support Women Empowerement
💝 Totally cruelty-free
💝 They have all certified organic ingredients
💝 100% Handmade with Love
💝 Environment-Friendly
💝 Simply being Natural in their product range
💝 They have skincare, hair care, laundry & pet needs too


Packaging & Texture

The packaging is nature inspired absolutely love the fact that they have no single use of plastic packaging. The package was so well packed that it dId not leak, despite of the runny texture.

🍁 No need of conditioner ( Yeah!! you read it right)
🍁 Helps in Hair loss issues too ( Holy Basil works for this case)
🍁 Cleans the grime & dust in hair
🍁 Dandruff-free scalp
🍁 Keeps my oily scalp away for at-least 2 days in the scorching heat
🍁 Aromatic hair wash
🍁 No use of chemicals, you can literally feel it with during the wash
🍁 Packed with Organic Certified Ingredients
🍁 You don’t need a serum to be used after using this shampoo (p.s. I’ve literally stopped using my favvy Matrix shiny serum)
🌿 Found none so far!
Finally hands down to this beautiful product! I feel sad that I ordered just 100ml bottle first instead of their 200ml. Will soon re-purchase this worth product & off-course with the conditioner this time. Check the after effect below in the pic. P.s. I have not used any serum after using the herbal shampoo.
Have any of you tried any Bon Organic goodie?? If not buy one from their website
Don’t forget to follow me on Insta & Facebook!!
Happy Hair Days to you all. Lots of Love 🙂
Recent Pic after using the Bon Herbal Shampoo